Rae Merrygold

I am a Devon based, multi-media conceptual artist. I have recently completedĀ a Degree in FineĀ Art Plymouth University. The commonality in my practice is the use of text. My work is concerned with process which can be highly personal, but I am fascinated by the individual reactions of the audience.

The written word is the backdrop of our lives. It is there to be both understood and to be misinterpreted. It both connects and divides us. The dawn of languages, as opposed to one language, set a precedent for separation and confusion. I have been exploring the nature of text as a means of confession and communication, but I have also been investigating text as an abstract form. I am interested in the written word and the experience of viewing text that is out of place. We try to find sense in text, but what happens if there is none? What do we look for then? My online journal records work in progress.

I am available for commissions, contact me for more information.